Coastal holiday homes for two sisters. Renovation of two houses on the same plot. Each with a somewhat different aesthetic, but clearly 'related'. We created levels of privacy through the positioning of windows, entrances and white wooden dividers. The materiality of both houses is re-used, especially when it comes to the exterior. The covered terrace we created on the back of the main house is supported by a brick fire place and has exposed structural beams and supports; a design feature also seen in the interior of the houses.

The front house is connected to the street and has an open plan kitchen and living space, with enough storage and a mudroom. Materiality was a focus in working with the clients. Adding colour, warmth and openness throughout the renovation. 

The garden house overlooks meadows and nature. It's smaller in size but houses the same functions. The small kitchen is in the centre of the house, connecting all functions. The spiral staircase leads up to the open plan bedroom. Open yet private. 

Design team: Sam Peeters, Toon Martens 
Photography: Evenbeeld