Total renovation of a family home in the green belt around the city of Antwerp. The main objective was to have an open floor plan on the ground floor, to lighten up the house and make it suitable for a young family that loves interiorarchitecture. In order to create this open space we optimised and grouped the functions around the staircase; access to the basement, the guest toilet, coat-storage and kitchen storage. The kitchen storage is a wood niche that houses kitchen appliances, fridge and storage. The sink in the guest toilet is our own design. A steel round volume with a soap holder. Round to minimise the impact on the small space. The volume is sized so that it hides the wall support as well as the water drain connection. 

The 'blue' part of the kitchen houses the 'wet' functions, with a big concrete sink. The central concrete island is for cooking, having breakfast, working or aperitif. The materials and techniques that were used on the groundfloor are repeated throughout the whole house. For example, we played with the idea of painted panelling. On the groundfloor the walls are finished with a rough technique until a certain height. Same goes for the master bathroom but at a different height. 

Design team: Iona Tettelin, Sam Peeters 
Photography: Tijs Vervecken