End of 2020 we finished the renovation of an apartment overlooking the river Schelde in Antwerp. We maximised the natural light by making it a 'doorzon' home. Dutch for allowing light in the centre of the apartment by eliminating most of the walls in the heart of the space. We opened up the kitchen towards the view and connected it more with other spaces/functions. Making it so that there are no barriers.

Connecting all functions through material unity. The kitchen is designed around three materials; walnut wood cabinets, sanded concrete and stainless steel. We played with the characteristics of each material. The concrete bar-element 'floats' to emphasize the material-unity of the floor in this Antwerp apartment. Throughout the whole apartment we used the same lime-finish in a soft grey colour.

Throughout the apartment we've used a limited amount of materials to create a 'sober' space for living. In the bathroom the palisander bath volume connects a stainless steel sink unit with a walk-in shower. The columns in this Antwerp apartment are structural but also the perfect spatial dividers. The living room and dining area are subtly separated. We treated the columns, walls and ceiling the same way making the transition of spaces more fluid.

Design team: Toon Martens, Sam Peeters
Photography: Piet Albert Goethals