We renovated the Sara Gies jewelry shop in under 4 weeks time, from demolition to finished result. The design for the jewelry shop and atelier was a research into existing qualities and adding subtle elements. A space with this much history and texture required an analytic design strategy. The brick wall and red terracotta floor were already a part of the shop interior, as well as the mirror. All elements were given a new lease on life. We simplified the space as well as the display possibilities. We wanted to create a natural balance, where it isn't clear what's added or existing. 

The shop doubles as a workshop for Sara and her team. We wanted to show their craft. We drew our inspiration from classical French shops, where craftmanship and proportion are key. As is every piece Sara makes.  The window of the shop is a two sided display, a human-size iroko wood jewelry box. We kept the display open towards the rest of the shop, so people passing by can see the craft of Sara and her team. The shop window is closed every night showing the hand painted logo of Sara Gies. 

Design team: Sam Peeters, Iona Tettelin 
Photography: Evenbeeld