We re-designed the heart of this office for a tech company; the office kitchen. We went for a multitude of finishes and materials. We played with shapes and symbols. Everything to step away from your ordinary white kitchen. A wrap around concrete counter, a disco ball, a high gloss ceiling, ... No safe choices.

We designed movable benches allowing the team to easily change the set-up of the open space. Creating work-spots but also meeting set-ups and more. . 
The metal structure of the bench is fitted with a 'holder' This way you can easily plug in a table for taking notes or your laptop. The baby blue volume combines a multitude of functions, but the coolest one is a screen that slides up with a lift.  The black stained multiplex step in front of it doubles as storage, seating and as a podium for presentations. Allowing the speaker to interact with it's audience, big or small. 

Design team: Sam Peeters, Toon Martens 
Photography: Evenbeeld