Test-case: durability interior renovation project in Oostend. It's been a recurring thing for some time in our office; how can we go for a more durable approach to renovating. There's not that many interior examples out there, so our resolution for next year is to research. We want to explore the possibility of a more conscious approach to renovation projects. 

As it stands now, we think we have three main tools to accomplish this. Tools that, without knowing it, we've been using for some time. But we just never got around to naming them. So here goes ;-) 
1 The first one is analysis. Instead of going for tabula rasa. We believe the table is full. Full of stuff we can re-use, re-evaluate, ... 
2 Secondly the design. Wisely choosing materials, positions, future-proof solutions, ...  
3 Number three is to go beyond 'just' the material side of an interior. A more conceptual approach to give our clients a broader perspective and to create room for dialogue.  
We're thinking of concepts like circularity, life-long-use, quality, ... 

Talk is cheap! That's why this year we will be putting our money where our mouth is. This holiday apartment in the Belgian city by the sea of Oostend in Residence Annie was renovated using the above mentioned tools. Our main goal was to challenge ourselves, the existing architectural qualities and our building partners. We'll keep you updated on how it is going and in the future we would love to be your partner for a greener way of renovating. 

Design team: Sam Peeters
Photography: Evenbeeld