Renovation of an Art Nouveau family home in Antwerp. The strong architectural features of the house made us go for big and clear design interventions. We overhauled the living spaces on the ground floor, the terrace-structure and the master bedroom with connecting family bathroom. 

The kitchen is all about one insert. A one-piece concrete counter that functions for cooking as well as eating with the family. The huge island balances out the high ceilings and the 4,5 meter high glass rear facade. The marble of the fireplace was the basis for the materialisation of this family home in Antwerp. The kitchen island is made out of steel which we combined with a light coloured concrete.

We reinforced the sense of space in the family bathroom by using a central volume that contains all the necessary functions. The central element contains the bath, two sinks, storage and serves as a technical box for all sanitary connections. To highlight the height of the space we worked with a central light pole and high glass partitions for the shower and toilet. The gold foam step gives the kids access to the bath or for brushing their teeth at the sink.

Design team: Sam Peeters, Toon Martens 
Photography: Evenbeeld