Home for a collector and their art. The basis of the design proposal was to de-clutter and simplify the existing space. We chose to open up the space as much as possible. We went for uniformity in materials and colours. We used a lot of white, because it works. The white allows the owner and the collection to breathe. We painted all the existing floors white, which made the apartment one space instead of a combination of rooms.

Small but functional kitchen. We minimised the footprint of the kitchen to have more space for dining, living and displaying art. The extractor is hidden behind a 'sculptural' incision. Giving it a sort of infinity vibe. Although the kitchen counter is small we went far in detailling the elements that make up the kitchen. The mirror above the sink is a hidden cupboard for handcream, washing liquid, ... . The dishwasher handle is cut out of the concrete counter. The art collection is featured in every room of this hime. The bathroom is no exception, like the black and white mixed media above the bath. 

Design team: Sam Peeters, Eline Dils 
Photography: Evenbeeld