In The Pocket, a digital product studio, asked us to design their satellite office in Leuven. This company is always growing and evolving, so they have a constant need to adapt their spaces. That is why we designed most of the made-to-measure furniture 'to go'. The basis is a metal platform that allows for technics and levelling. The platform becomes a building block to be used for kitchens, tables, planters ... And when they move they can pick it all up and re-puzzle to suit the new location. 
The officespace is situated in a 'new' area in Leuven. The area around a former dock is now rapidly becoming an interesting area for retailers, companies as well as living close to water and the city. The industrial character was the key element in developing the atmosphere for the office space. Technics and other building components are kept clearly visible. In the work spaces we opted for modularity and flexibility in a 'white' surrounding. Included in the pictures you will find a small movie explaining the flexibility of the space. The communal kitchen is more dark and rough. The kitchen is multi-purpose. The classics such as coffee and lunch, but also suited for brainstorm sessions with larger groups. It has a separate entrance as well as a 'hammock' structure for more informal meetings. 

Design team: Sam Peeters, Toon Martens, Tinne Moens
Photography: Evenbeeld