Renovation of a 7th floor in an office building in the European heart of Brussels for Cronos International. The building has two very interesting features; it's a corner building and overlooks the very green Warande park. All of the workspaces are located near the windows with standing desks overlooking the park and Brussels. Connected to the workspaces is a central corridor that 'flows' over in flex zones, meetingrooms, call booths and a kitchen. There is a wide variety of meetingrooms according to function, number of people and accessibilty. Besides the classic functions of a workspace we also designed a space for workshops. We scaled some interesting functions of a private residence, such as the kitchen, the dining table and the sofa. We used this archetypes and adapted them for brainstorms that can last a day as well as a week. This space is closely linked with a flex area, demo space and an open space for events. Throughout the whole floor there are multiple spots for phone calls, stand-up meetings, focus-spots and multi-use areas. The idea is that the office space can grow as the needs of the company are changing. 

Design team: Sam Peeters, Toon Martens, Nick Lammens 
Photography: Evenbeeld