The offices of the CoFoundry are part of an initiative by the City of Antwerp to develop a startup-climate in the city. The city engages by offering a location in the centre where companies such as CoFoundry can help grow startup's, especially in health and logistical IT. The buidling is situated near the botanical gardens, right in the heart of the city, and used to be a city palace to thriving Antwerp family. As it takes on a new industrious role Contekst was asked to design the first floor for the CoFoundry. The office had to allow for group activities as well as quiet spaces for skype conferencing. Technology had to meet functionality and design. Therefore we chose to make the technology visible and present, such as the beamer. Working with soft materials and lights we kept the focus on the existing floor and structure. Adding white, grey and reflective materials as well as cork for acoustics and laufer-raster for transparancy.

Design Team: Sam Peeters, Elena Grauls 
Photography: Nils van Brabant