To understand the owners' vision on hair and how he wants to organise his salon, we spent a day at his previous location. We studied the way he received clients, the process each client goes through, what ambiance is needed, ...  From this field day we deducted that the type of clients that visit the salon were looking for a warm, inviting atmosphere in which they feel secure, in which they can trust in their hair stylist. We opted for warm lighting, raw materials such as concrete, natural elements such as the greenwall and combined these with the existing aesthetic of the building. Although it was in a dilapitated state there were still some beautifull wooden beams, masonry and old stone. For the floor in the salon we worked with terrazzo in reference to the periodic features of the house and combined this with Belgian Blue stone for the walls of the new volume. In collaboration with 

Design team: Sam Peeters, Edith Macken 
Photography: Nils Van Brabant