As part of the castle grounds the building used to function as a stable for animals and housed the farmers family. Since 50 years it has been used as a private residence and previous owners have made improvements to the house. Our client bought the house to renovate it thouroughly, technically as well as estheticaly, but with respect for stylistic elements. Beams, old doors and original floors were kept/restored. During the renovation other original features were uncovered and also incorporated, such as the original roof construction. Besides the technical improvements, such as heating, electricity, windows, ... , all spaces were redesigned with a focus on traditional and natural materials. Pine and terrazzo flooring with teak made-to-measure cabinets. Natural stone tiles in soft tones with terrazzo baths and sinks. 

Design team: Sam Peeters, Edith Macken 
Photography: Nils van Brabant